Ontario Gasser Rules


NOTE: we race at some ONDR events. When we do, you MUST be an ONDR member to race with the Ontario Gassers.

All cars must meet (NHRA - IHRA) safety requirements for the host drag strip.

Year cut-off is 1967 and older. Most door body styles excepted as long as they have the Gasser look from back in the day.

Straight style front axles are encouraged but stock style ‘A’ suspension with ball joint spacers allowed.

Index style racing in .00 and .50 brackets (e.g. 12.50, 12.00, 11.50, 11.00, 10.50, 10.00, 9.50, 9.00 etc ). If car count is there we will split into two groups; ‘A’ Gas and ‘B’ Gas to try and eliminate fast cars running much slower cars.  

.500 Pro Tree will be used, to try and simulate old school flag starts and also help to eliminate red light starts, race-over situations. 

Please practice Courtesy Staging and there will be no DEEP staging allowed. 

No EFI. Mechanical/Stack injection only. 

Any intake and carb combo is allowed along with Superchargers. 

No delay boxes or data recorders allowed in vehicle. 

No air or electric shifters. 

No Nitrous Oxide bottles and or solenoids allowed in vehicles. 

Mechanical throttle stops only. No throttle stops that can be controlled while the car is in motion (e.g. must be permanently installed under the gas pedal or on the throttle linkage only)

After time trials we will go right into a ladder. If uneven number of cars, bye will go to best reaction time in first time trial. There is not a "BREAK RULE". That is if a winning car can’t make the next round the loser will not advance to the next round. If you have a single pass you must stage under own power and a full hard pass is encouraged!

1/4 mile or 1/8 race will be dictated by the track so be prepared to run either.

If the track and time allows, we can try and set-up some grudge matches for eliminated cars. 

There will be payouts per race as well as a points awarded per race to decide a year-end Champion and Runner-up. Both will receive a cash prize as well as trophy’s. (Points system will be as follows: 2 points for signing in, 2 points for each round win and 1point for class win)

We are trying to keep the rules as simple as possible as its more about the Gasser look. That said all rules are subject to change if we feel some things are not working out best for the Gasser class.

The main focus will always be to have fun and put a great show! We encourage all racers to park as a group if you can and invite/open your pit spot to show any fans, particularly kids, what Gasser cars are all about. 

Please drive safely through the pits and respect your fellow racers!